Coding is O.K.

This blog aims to provide a comprehensive, intermediate-level programming resource. We assume that the reader knows the basics of programming, like what for-loops are, but not necessarily what “extracting a static function” means.

The Why

In learning programming, we found that most learning resources are bimodal — either they assume that the reader knows literally nothing (we get pretty tired of reading about if statements for the millionth time), or they assume that the reader has a PhD in CS (hence, we don’t really learn anything out of frustration with the jargon).

Most people interested in programming fall somewhere in-between: they know a good amount about how to write programs, but not really the ins-and-outs of particular techniques. There are tons of books that explain the syntax of interfaces/abstract classes/classes, but those interest calculator projects don’t really teach you when you should use one of those things over the others — nor why.

And so here we are. Hopefully this will come in handy.